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Integrated Financial Planning - Michael M. McDonough, Inc.
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Integrated Financial Planning

Business owner challenges often come from an intermingling of both business and the personal.  Every bet you make on your business from business capitalization levels to on-going investments can impact your personal finances.  Our integrated planning allows you to focus on the business and manage liquidity while we help segregate and protect personal finances, aid in building retirement assets, and identify, mitigate and manage key risks to your business, employees, and lifestyle.

We break the big questions down into four key areas: business organizations, succession strategies, legacy and estate planning, and retirement income. From there, we approach each key area as a building block for the next – one piece at a time. Our process, tools and resources, including a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, help you answer some fundamental questions:

  • How will you protect your legacy while providing for your family?
  • What does your business operation look like now, and what will it look like when you’re gone?
  • How will you protect assets while alive, reward your successor’s efforts, yet still be fair to your other heirs?
  • How will you pass the business to the next generation while minimizing taxes?

The Business-Retirement Linkage

With the traditional view of retirement as a relatively brief period at the end of our lives outdated, the ambiguity of ‘what happens next’ may be causing anxiety in planning for what is likely to be a lengthy life stage.  Given the limitations in qualified retirement plans, we see many business owners discover considerable ‘income gaps’ after establishing their retirement income goals. Thus, many intend a sale of their business interest will fund a large portion of their retirement income.  With so much at stake, a second opinion can be invaluable. See “Complimentary Review Services” at Succession-Exit-Transition planning.

The Comprehensive Picture

Our proficiency in evaluating a number of integrated planning areas can enhance and protect business value, reduce uncertainty, preserve family harmony, minimize, defer or eliminate capital gains, estate/inheritance and income taxes, expand strategic options, facilitate your retirement and financial security, and enhance your control.  Via a team of attorneys, CPAs, investment bankers, actuaries, advanced planners at leading carriers, and other professionals, we evaluate and coordinate a number of inter-related areas, including:

Business Organization Succession Strategies Estate Planning Retirement Income
Entity comparison Buy-Sell Agreements Wills & Trusts Retirement Analysis
Liability protection Succession Plan Funding Inheritance Equalization Supplemental Income
Discounting techniques Key Person Protection Estate / Inheritance Taxes Beneficiary Protection
Income Tax Efficiency Key Person Retention Gifting Techniques Chronic Illness Protection


Estate planning can involve a complex web of tax rules and regulations. Tax laws surrounding estate-planning concepts are subject to change.  Please consult an estate-planning attorney prior to making any financial decisions. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.