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Personal Wealth Management - Michael M. McDonough, Inc.
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Personal Wealth Management

We see wealth planning as a holistic endeavor that considers your business assets, integrates elements of business and personal financial planning, and includes customized asset allocation strategies.  We believe in coordinating the investment plan with tax-efficient retirement and estate plans.  See Integrated Financial Planning.

Realizing markets will continue to experience ups and downs, we know investors will inevitably feel a range of emotions, from enthusiasm to anxiety.  We achieve diversification through a disciplined approach to asset allocation.  Many of our portfolios use multiple strategies to respond more effectively to changing market conditions, which provides the confidence and tools you’ll need to achieve your financial goals.  In fact, the academics who devised the principles we use to construct portfolios won the Nobel prize for their work.

Our Process

We begin clarifying your liquidity needs, need for income, tolerance for volatility, and long-term objectives, and we observe the Hippocratic Oath: “first do no harm.”  Considering your tolerance for – and capacity to accept – risk, we seek favorable risk-adjusted returns in pursuit of your objectives.

The key to our process is identifying trade-offs.  In some cases, we may have to revisit your objectives to keep risk to an acceptable level.  Finally, we monitor risk in portfolios on an ongoing basis, and where necessary make adjustments as the environment changes.

An Array of Proven Investment Vehicles and Approaches

Our technology savvy and planning expertise allow us to use a number of proven, tax-efficient investing techniques, such as tax-loss harvesting, Roth IRAs & conversions, traditional deferral and shelter techniques such as IRAs, §529 College Savings Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, insurance and annuity products, charitable strategies such as Donor-Advised Funds or Qualified Charitable Distributions, basis management, required minimum distribution planning and withdrawal strategies, municipal bonds, tax bracket management, and more.

For the complexity which inevitably arises, we draw upon the services of highly experienced specialists in law, taxation, advanced planning, elder care, and other disciplines.

The economics to various lines of personal and business insurance are examined, with well-vetted products carefully synchronized with your overall wealth plan.