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Resource Library - Michael M. McDonough, Inc.
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Resource Library

This resource library seeks to illuminate certain relevant planning, investment and protection fundamentals. We curated this content from the 50,000+ items in our digital files with coherence and succinctness in mind. Please check back for frequent updates.

The information here is for information purposes only; nothing is meant as an investment recommendation or offer to sell any product. We would be pleased to discuss your specific situation and the prospect for any idea, strategy, or principle to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial Planning

Children & College Planning
Cyber Secuirty Issues
Income Taxes & Related Planning
Investment Related
Life Insurance
Risk Management & Insurance

Business Owner Planning

Buy Sell & Exit Planning
Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans
Property Casualty & Captive Insurance Co
Income Tax Planning
Integrated Planning
Risk Management & Protection

Attorney & CPA Advanced Planning Topics

Elder Law
Estate Planning
Fiduciary Duties & Malpractice
Life Insurance & Annuities
Long-Term Care Insurance
marketing & practice management
other advanced planning topics
Personal Financial Planning for Professionals
Planning for Business Owners
Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Retirement Income & Planning

Investing in Retirement
Long-Term Care
Retiree Health Care Costs
Retirement Income Planning
Retirement Planning Fundamentals
Retirement Risks
Retirement Timing
Social Security

see “Elder Care & Quality of Life”